WHY​ and How to sign up for

Cross Country and Track and Field

Step 1: Decide to be a part of something special. Here is WHY you should choose Cross Country and Track and Field... High School athletics will help you grow as a person and create a sense of belonging and self appreciation. You will learn lifelong lessons about friendship, teamwork, overcoming adversity and living a healthy lifestyle. The team environment we strive to create is one of universal acceptance and love for sport and team. We strive to develop student-athletes academically, socially and athletically. 

Step 2: Get a Sports Physical from your doctor. In order to be in athletics you will need to have a yearly physical that clears you to be able to participate. 

Step 3: Get the necessary paperwork from the coach or the athletic secretary in the main office. 

Step 4: TBD

Step 5: Show up for practice with a positive attitude, willingness to be a team player and a desire to improve as a student-athlete

 Beginners to the program

As you begin in the sports of Track and Field and Cross Country at Dakota Ridge it is important to remember a few principles…

First and foremost this should be fun…if you start not having fun and end up miserable, please communicate that and come discuss with one of the coaches.

Always be smart with your efforts…it’s better to just follow the schedule and get things going and build up gradual until you can do more work.

Ideally you will stay injury free, but should you have an ache or pain please follow the “Injury Protocol” outlined in the document “Injury Protocol”.

We recommend a good pair of shoes to start

While it will be tempting to do more than what’s on the schedule below and jump in with folks who have already been running and training, PLEASE avoid overdoing it. Again, just follow the schedule and do what we have laid out in this schedule for you.

Weeks 1-3  

Based on where you are coming from we will get you going with a level of running that will meet your needs. For example…if you are a soccer player and are trying Track or Cross Country, we will be able to get you running a little more to start then someone who is coming out for the team that has never run or played a sport before.

For non-distance events we will get you going with technique and basic beginner workouts.

For distance and Cross Country In general the first three weeks we will get you running about 10-20 minutes 3-4 times a week and you will need to learn how to do strides and the Core routine that we have outlined for the team.

Weeks 4-6

We will start give you a little more running and working out to do during the next three week stretch and if we are in the season we will have you compete.

Distance athletes you can expect to start to push your longest run to about 30 minutes and if not competing yet you will do a workout or two.

You can expect to run a lot of simple easy runs/workouts to get you started in your running/track career. The most important thing is to stay in communication with the coaches on how your feeling.  

 Due to the nature of the sport and our philosophy, no “cuts” will be made and thus no athletes will be denied the opportunity to participate and compete based upon the number of athletes.



1. Support your student athlete and attend as many contests as 

2. Avoid putting pressure on your student athlete to start, score, or 
be the star of the team.

3. Support the coaches in public around other parents and fans.

4. Avoid speaking negatively about the coaches in front of your 
student athlete.

5. Understand the ultimate purpose of athletics. It exists as an 
integral part of the total education mission of the school and 
participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right.

6. Serve as a good role model for students, athletes and other fans.

7. Contribute as members of the booster club. This means 
volunteering to help with projects and committees.

8. Appreciate the educational opportunity that your student athlete 
is receiving in our athletic program. This includes the enormous 
time and effort provided by the coaches.

9. Attend the pre-season parents meeting.

10. Serve as beacons of good sportsmanship.

11. Show respect to everyone involved in high school athletics, the 
coaches, the athletes, fans – including our opposition, the 
officials and administration.

12. Follow the chain of command at Dakota Ridge when you have a 

13. Express concerns and questions in a courteous and civil manner. 
Please make sure it is the proper timing and setting.

14. Abide by all politics, regulations, and procedures for our athletic 

15. Understand that the goals of the team and athletic program are 
more important than the hopes and dreams you have for your 

Transportation during season:

​Cross Country

Buses are provided to and from meets that are not local during the season. 

 Off campus practice does happen, Parents/students must be responsible for transportation to practice.


Buses are provided for freshman track meets at Jefferson County stadium. 

Buses vary throughout year for track meets based on team needs and location of meet. 

Off campus practice happens once or twice weekly in order to get to a track. Carpools are HIGHLY encouraged for student-athletes.