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July 9th 7:30am Am run on your own...7:00 PM Swimming @ Ridge

July 10th 7:30am @ Dakota Ridge

July 11th 7:30am  @ Lair O' Bear

July 12th 7:30am @ Dakota Ridge

July 13th 7:30am @ Fehringer Ranch

July 14th Team Camp @ Golden Bell -Divide, Colorado 

July 15th Team Camp @ Golden Bell -Divide, Colorado 

July 16th Team Camp @ Golden Bell -Divide, Colorado 

July 17th Team Camp @ Golden Bell -Divide, Colorado 

July 18th @ Fehringer Ranch

July 19th @ Dakota Ridge 

July 20th @ Green Mountain

July 21st @ Audubon Society Parking Lot Chatfield 

July 23rd AM run on your own 7:00pm Swimming @ Ridge

July 24th 7:30am @ Dakota Ridge

July 25th 7:30am @ Lair O Bear

July 26th 7:30am @ Dakota Ridge 

July 27th 7:30am @ Green Mountain 

July 28th 7:30am @ Audubon Society Parking Lot Chatfield

July 30th run on your own AM....7:00 PM Swimming @ Ridge

Dakota Ridge Cross Country  TRACK & FIELD

 Dakota Ridge is a team of student-athletes dedicated to each other, academic success and performing their best. 

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Coach Stenbeck at

 Practice Locations and Directions:

  • Click on link (in white) below location for directions from Dakota Ridge High School.

Green Mountain C470 Parking Lot:

Bear Creek Lake Park @ Soda Lakes Rd. South of Conoco as you drive into Morrison

Lair O' Bear

Fehringer Ranch Disc Golf (Develyn HS)

Audubon Center at Chatfield

Red Rocks Upper South Lot

Blue Heron Park

Mt. Falcon Park (East parking Lot)